Hurricanes Partner with Fit Factory

We are proud to announce a sponsorship with Fit Factory. Fit Factory has 7 locations across the country with lots of room to add more facilities. We will be using their Kingston location for team workouts. Workouts will be every Wednesday starting January 11th at 7pm. These workouts will be completely free to potential athletes who sign up using the link at the bottom of the page. 

When asked about this opportunity General Manager Sean Blanchard had this to say “it’s always been a dream of the Hurricanes to partner with a gym. To be able to work with a top notch gym and a national brand is something we couldn’t pass up.” Players will be able to use the facilities for workouts on Wednesdays before preseason starts. For those looking for a more complete offseason workout routine Fit Factory will be offering discounts to players who sign up with the team. Please email for more information. 

Sign-up link: 

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