Hurricane Award Winners of 2018

The Hurricanes had their banquet Saturday, and would like to congratulate all of the players on a successful season. The Hurricanes had many great performances this season and look to continue to build for next season.

We are pleased to announce this years team award winners.

First we would like to celebrate the Rookies of the year. The Rookie of the year awards go to the players that had a tremendous season in their first year of Semi Pro Football.

Offensive Rookie of The Year: Dustin Rutko

Dustin Rutko Left Tackle

Dustin played almost every snap at Left Tackle for the Hurricanes last season. Not only did he protect the blind side of the QBs he was pivotal in creating huge holes in the run game and was a force at his position.

Defensive Rookie Of The Year: David Lake

David Lake Safety/Linebacke

David Lake played his High School football at Carver High School. Lakes athletic ability and versatility was a huge asset to the Hurricanes this season. Coming in as a rookie, he looked like a season vet. Lake made many game changing plays in 2018 most memorable a huge Interception in week 1 to help the Hurricanes seal a victory.

The Trenches award goes out to the best Offensive or Defensive Lineman that dominated in the trenches.

Trenches Award: Vance Turner

Vance Turner Right Guard

Vance Turner was a force this season for the Hurricanes. Whether it be pulling, working together on double teams or leading straight up the hole, Vance controlled the Line of Scrimmage. Vance has been with the Hurricanes since day one and is a mainstay on the line.

12th Man Award:  Conner McDermott

Conner McDermott Linebacker

The 12th man award goes to the player who comes off the bench who is just as valuable as the 11 on the field. Not only does Conner give it his all on the field, but he is an amazing teammate and person off the field. Every chance Conner had he capitalized on the field and was a unanimous decision on this honor.

Hurricane Award: Ty Holley

Ty Holley Running Back

The Hurricane award goes to a player who is the epitome of being a Hurricane. A player that has grit, integrity, character and is a leader on and off the field. This years award goes a player who on and off the field exemplifies who the Hurricanes are. Ty is what a true leader is made of. He was always positive and picked up other teammates when they were down. We are very happy to announce that this years Hurricane Award goes to Ty.

Special Teams Player of The Year: Ramon Rogers

Ramon Rogers Running Back

Ramons knowledge and athletic ability helped him become one of the most valuable player on special teams. He made many plays all year long. Ramon was a great addition and his work ethic proved to be one of his biggest assets.

Offensive Player Of The Year: Terrell Chandler

Terrell Chandler Wide Receiver

It seemed like whenever their needed to be a play made, Terrell made it. He led all receivers with 5 Touchdowns and had an amazing 33 yards per reception. The most memorable moment would probably be the last second 55 yard touchdown to win the game versus the Rhode Island Cowboys last season. Terrell speed is amazing and it seemed whenever his number was called, he made an amazing play.

/Defensive Player Of The Year: Patrick Zadrozny

Patrick Zadrozny Defensive End

Patrick Zadrozny was a force to be reckoned with all season long. With a team leading 12 sacks, it seemed whenever Pat had a huge game the whole defense dominated. Pat also had a Touchdown and a returned 2 point conversion to add on to his phenomenal play. He was also the Hurricanes Punter and pinned teams deep with his punting abilities.

Hurricane Warrior Award: Joune Fraser

Joune Fraser DE/S/WR/TE

The Hurricane Warrior award goes to the player that is a warrior on the field. This year, we couldn’t think of anyone else more deserving than Joune Fraser. Fraser did it all for the team this year, whether it was playing Defensive Line, Wide Receiver or returning kicks, his presence on the field was known.

Hurricanes Most Valuable Player: Chris McNally

Chris McNally Running Back

The Hurricanes Most Valuable Player was a unanimous decision. McNally was a difference maker on the field this season. He broke many team and league records this season. Finishing the season with 1020 yards, 11 touchdowns with a longest run of 97 yards in week 8. His most memorable game may have been the Semi Final game where he carried the ball 26 times for 230 yards, one rushing touchdown and one reception touchdown.

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