VIP Parking

Thank you for Reserving your VIP Parking. You should receive an email receipt. That receipt will be your parking pass on our game day. You may be asked to show your license. Parking opens up 2.5 hours before the kickoff of the game.

If you are a visiting player, the best spot to park is all the way around to the other side. If you do not have a guest watching the game, please be considerate and park in a spot looking away from the field so fans could enjoy the game from their car if they would like.

Fans, Due to COVID 19, if you get out of your car to watch the game, please socially distance or wear a mask. You may NOT enter the field. You can bring a chair and sit outside the gate or behind either end of the endzone. There is a hill to the North Side of the field that could be a great spot for spectators as well!

If you have any questions, please email us at