QB 101

QB Reads and Coverage Recognition

To Be A Hurricane Quarterback

The TEAM wants you to be a strong leader and a winner. Your Position is one with a lot
of responsibility. Much is required to handle all of these tasks. A teammate will naturally
want to follow you. You must be trusted to get your job done so your teammates will
sacrifice for you in all situations. You must set the pace, think, and plan out what our
team’s future is going to look like and execute that plan.

The QB position gets more attention than any other position on the field. Consequently,
you are often thought of as most important and most responsible for what happens on
and off the field. Because of this, you have to get your teammates to rally around you
toward our common goal, which is winning the Championship. There are two
significant ways you can become a real leader on this team. First you must look for
ways to serve them and second, you must be a vocal leader.

I. Leadership equals Serving

1. know all assignments so others do no have to wait for you to do the right
2. Run to set up the drills, get water for someone, etc.
3. Look around for what a teammate needs and give it to him, (Encouragement, a
Lending ear, or extra time to help someone get better.)
4. Know when and where meetings, practices, ad other scheduled events are taking
place, be there early and get others there too.
5. Look ahead to see what is coming and be prepared to handle it, not just what is asked
of you.
6. Initiate additional work with players on Routes/Patterns during Pre-Practice, or after

II. Vocal Leadership

You must have vocal leadership. Problems with this statement can arise if it is
misunderstood. You must be yourself at all times. Teammates will be able to easily
smell a fake. When discussing this idea of vocal leadership, you must see it as a natural
part of playing the position. You cannot force your words or thoughts, but natural when
expressing yourself.

There are many athletes that “lead by example” There is no question that this kind of
leadership is good, but you can enhance your “example Leadership” This can be
accomplished by verbally communicating with your teammates. You must be relaxed
when you are around the team. As an example, if you tell good jokes, then tell them:if
you are an emotional “RAH RAH” guy, let’s hear it. If you are not one of those “RAH
RAH” types and seem to be quiet, more care in what you do and say is important,
making sure when you do say something, you are like “EF Hutton”. The way you pay
attention and verbalize what is important will enhance both yours and the team’s

In Addition the QB must:

Praise your teammates any chance you get. (great block, catch, run, etc.)
Speak at times as a visionary…Tell them what’s at stake, this game or situation.
Be vocally involved with keeping everybody in the game.
Be able to challenge teammates on and off the field by continually being in the midst of
the team’s circumstances, and recite the challenges before them.
Be able to talk with teammates about adjustments and how they will be taken care of.
Do not fail to be a servant leader who can express the climate of the team and its goals
for the season regardless if you are the starter or not. Give the team the genuine article!
Always have a positive attitude!!!

Drills For Quarterbacks

Ball control skills.

Grip Drill

With palm facing down, the quarterback grips the ball and moves the ball up and
down. With each motion, be sure they re-grip the football. After at least 15 reps,
repeat drill with the other hand.

Drop Drill

Extend arm from the body and hold ball with palm facing down. Drop the ball and
then re-grip instantly. Bring football back to starting point and repeat at least 15
times. Repeat drill with opposite hand. You can also do both hands at same time
by using two footballs.

Drop and Rotate Drill

Same as the Drop Drill except that as the ball is dropped, the quarterback rotates
his hand around the ball before re-gripping it. Perform at least 15 reps with each
hand, then try with two hands at the same time.

Spin Drill

With palm facing down, hold the ball at one end.

With a flick of the fingers, give the ball a full back spin so it lands on the back of
the hand. With the back of the hand, flick the ball into a full front spin and re-grip
the ball with palm facing down again. Do at least 15 reps with each hand.

Basketball Drill

Just like a basketball point guard, move the ball from hand to hand behind the
back and between the legs. Do at least 3 sets that last 25-30 seconds each.
Perform this football drill as fast as you can.

Quarter Back Drills

The next set of quarterback drills will help develop the proper mechanics of the
delivery, release, follow-through, drop, throwing on the run, etc.

Knee Drill

Purpose – To develop the proper wrist snap and release of the ball.

Description – Begin the football quarterback drill with the QB’s on both knees.
Align them about five yards apart. The first QB gets the proper grip, lifts the
football like he would when taking the snap and passes the ball to his partner. Be
sure the ball is brought up near the ear, the follow-through is straight at the
receiver with palm down. After ten reps back and forth, move the players five
yards further apart and continue football drill from there.

Coaching Points- Check for proper grip with opposite hand securing the ball. Be
sure follow-through is correct and pay attention to accuracy.

Alternate Knee Drill

Repeat QB drill #6 with the right knee down, then with the left knee down.

Wrong Foot Drill

Purpose – Teach to throw off the wrong foot when scrambling.

Description – (Reverse this for lefties) The right foot is forward with toes pointed
in direction of throw. As the pass is made, shift weight forward onto the ball of the
right foot.

Coaching Points- Emphasize the correct rotation of the hips and shoulders to
reach the proper “delivery” position.

Release/Follow-Through Drill

Purpose – Develop a proper release and follow-through.

Description – Align your quarterbacks with shoulders facing (standing sideways to
one another) and about 7-10 yards apart. As the first player makes the pass, he
rotates his hips properly in order to get the shoulder around for a good throwing
motion. Partner repeats the process and returns the pass. Move the QB’s 15
yards apart, repeat the football drill. Repeat at 20 yards.

Coaching Points – Check grip, hip rotation, release and follow-through.

Drop-Back Drill

Purpose – Develop the three, five and seven step drop-backs.

Description – Quarterback starts in the pre-snap stance and on coach’s whistle,
performs a three step drop. On the third step, he should be set and ready for a
pass with the ball held at chest level. Do the three step 5-10 times, then do the
same thing with a five step and seven step drop-back.

Coaching Points – Make sure your QB performs this drill with adequate quickness
and that at set-up, most of his body weight is positioned on the back foot.

Very important – Be sure there are no false steps in the drop… Boom, boom,
boom, throw.

QB Clock Drill

Purpose – Develop further the drop-back and stance.

Description – As your quarterback drops back, call out “3 o’clock!”, “9 o’clock!”,
“12 o’clock!”, etc. At each call your QB must turn in that direction, give a pump
fake, then step into the next direction. Repeat this with a each of the three types
of drops. You can also have receivers set up and at each command, your
quarterback will turn and throw a pass.

Coaching Points – As with the drop-back drill, be sure your quarterback is taking
a quick drop. Don’t allow him to let his throwing fundamentals break down at any
time during the football quarterback drill.

Sprint-out Drill

Purpose – Develop “throwing on the run” skills

Description – Align a quarterback on a yard line at the sideline 10 yards apart. On
coach’s signal, they begin to run down their assigned yard line as they pass the
football back and forth. Once they reach the opposite side of the field, they’ll turn
around and repeat the football drill back to the starting point.

You can then repeat the drill at 15 yards apart for a slightly longer pass or even
five yards apart in order to practice the pitch-out.

Coaching Points – Be sure they keep their shoulders square and utilize correct
hip rotation. This drill will help develop the skill of leading the receiver. Make sure
the follow-through is done correctly.

Circle Drill

Purpose – Develop “throwing on the run” skills

Description – Standing about 10-15 yards apart, have two QB’s run in a circle as
they pass the ball back and forth. On the

coach’s signal, they will then reverse and repeat the drill in the opposite direction.
This football quarterback drill will help your QB’s get good at leading the receiver
as they to keep the circle motion going.

Coaching Points – Be sure they keep their shoulders square and utilize correct
hip rotation.

Spot drill


To teach and work on the QB going through the progression to find the open


Coach calls out specific pass play and coverage.

Receivers position themselves on spots according to read progression.

Coach designates open receiver.

QB executes drop. Receivers indicate “open” or not with hands up or down.

QB hits open receiver.


Use one route at a time for timing purposes.

Use Safeties kick drill (mirrored routes).

Use Defenders to determine open receivers.

Coaching Points

Work eyes and feet together. Two hands on ball while waiting